Mad Railers – October 2011

Last night I had the opportunity to present again to the Mad Railers group here in Madison. My talk was titled “Writing, for love and money”. I took others along the journey I had while working on Web Development Recipes and some tips I learned from Brian Hogan, who is one of my co-authors and mentor over the years.

Some of my main points where:

Overall the main key to success is to work at it every day, because with practice we can all get better. So give it a go and if you need a boost check out PragProWriMo and start writing that book!


November is PragProWriMo or Pragmatic Programmers Writing Month.  Prags is promoting writing by tagging along with National Novel Writing Month.  They have setup a forum to help people track their writing progress and get feedback and support from other writers.

Since I just finished working on Web Development Recipes for Prags I want to keep my train rolling and keep writing.   So this month rather than working on a new book I am going to try and write every day.  My posts may come out in large groups since I will be on vacation 2 weeks out of this month but I’ll try to keep up the writing.